Sunday, May 27, 2012

Celebrities get Creative with Crafts

Celebrities go CRAZY for Crafts

Show us their creative sides 

ELLE's June 2012 isssue featured a small article on a fellow craft/blog enthusiast, Erica Domesek. She runs a crafting blog called P.S. -- I made that. She has a unique disposition to her and her style is perfect. It's a mixture of modern trends mixed with a cool vintage vibe and color. 

She has her own jewelry line, Belle & Jax, to showcase her characteristic pieces, but admits that she loves helping other make something beautiful out of nothing with her many creative crafts projects. 

The article also reveals TLC's latest reality-tv contest, Craft Wars. Erica will be one of the judges on the show, along side host Tori Spelling

Huffposttv describes the new series quite well, saying that "'Craft Wars' continues to re-define crafting as something extremely modern -- this is not your grandmother's crocheting," Amy Winter, GM of TLC, said in a statement. "At its core, the series celebrates the creative sprit, which will resonate with TLC's audience."

Also worth mentioning is Tori's new DIY jewelry line out in time just for her Craft Wars debut. 

Everything looks so amazing! She appeals to the common retail market and she does it well. Her pieces look upscale, but you wouldn't know because she is not overcharging for her product - remaining competitive has sure paid off for her!

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